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Of drugs before putting these wounds of his soldiers, with the most brutal way for them to suture wounds, with the greatest effort to help them tie the bandage, and also forced them to drink the most bitter, he deliberately exceed several ordinary tolerance limit bitter herbal concoction boil out. Lin Xiao medical treatment is very effective,cheap ugg sparkle boots deco blue, and all the injured soldier King survived, even if it is a stomach is split, internal organs are exposed out of the King died, all in aid Xiao Lin saved their lives. However, all healing after Xiao Lin King died, all lying on the side of the open space, hysterical Canhao, they feel, they seem to be able to die at any time, they are processed through the wound, they just seem to be injured than when To hurt a hundred times! Is a chest was shot, almost transparent King tie a soldier sent over. Lin Xiao continue to use violent means to his death this overlord first aid. Lin Xiao brutal and rude soldier will be that the King on a tarpaulin roll with random, all kinds of strange powder ongoing smear ointment up. King Death watch that blood flow stopped at the wound, his voice moaning big up gradually, and finally sent his esprit de corps general earth-shattering screams! Blood five really could not stand, even if he is dead mountain sea of ​​blood battles over the murderer, he could not stand up. He felt, his Kenjiro who in Xiao Lin men, not like a wounded seriously injured, and just as the New Year when there are tied on the chopping block in the pig! Even the sound of their screams are so exactly the same. Angrily came to the Governor array Ling tyrant around five to measure blood Xiao Lin Ling told the tyrant. Ling Tyrant surprise pick pick brow, shocked and asked: ‘? Until now, sending Kenjiro past, no one died.’ ‘Ran!’ Blood five angry nodded.related post: